Comfortable In His Own Skin

(Originally posted: July 31, 2013)

HERALD SQUARE, NEW YORK, NY- Daquan Jeremy Reid, 21, is more than meets the eye when it comes to his fashion. Fun, charismatic, and not afraid to speak his mind, Daquan says fashion is his favorite medium of expression.

“There is art, music, photography, and writing, but to me, fashion communicates a lot.”

While interviewing him on a sunny day at the Herald Square Garden, Daquan explained his fashion represents his mood. He was feeling random with this afternoon’s look. Making a style his own is one of his passions. Notice the pants he is wearing? It is actually a long sleeve, button- down shirt. (You read correctly. A SHIRT!) What is his favorite accessory you may ask? Chains and necklaces.

Rihanna , Azealia Banks, and Britney Spears are some of his biggest inspirations. Roaming the city, dancing, listening to music, or anything else involving creativity is what he does during his free time.

Daquan’s main goal is to be an inspiration to others, especially gay, African- American men.

“I used to hide myself in my clothes until I joined the theater program at Borough of Manhattan Community College.” He said. “There I learned to be comfortable in my own skin.”

Now he is working towards becoming a model, but not for the fame. He wants to be the voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

“I want people to make any inspiration their own."

Daquan Jeremy Reid

Daquan Jeremy Reid

Photos: Rosa Elena Burgos

Last updated: June 25, 2019