Art Hunting at MoMA

(Originally posted: October 19, 2014)

MoMA, NEW YORK, NY- It’s that dreaded time of the school year when an art professor asks you to find an interesting piece to write about for a paper. My friend, Arianna Olivo, and I actually had some fun at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to look for inspiration for our papers.

Arianna and I are not taking the same art class (or even go to the same college), but it seems both of our art professors think alike. Last time I went to MoMA was to see the Tim Burton Exhibit four years ago, so this felt a little different. We explored various exhibits that held different mediums of art; drawing, sculpture, mosaic, paint, lighting, metal, paper, text. You name it and it was there.

What Arianna and I didn’t expect to find was an exhibit based on video game design. It was a great surprise, and the gamer within me almost forgot I had an assignment to do. I played a round of Street Fighter with Arianna. We also tried out Space Invaders and Pacman.

We returned to finding that piece that spoke to us for our paper. Arianna  found hers not too far from the video games. It was a chandelier made from broken plates, teacups, teapots, saucers, and mugs. It was amazing!

I didn’t find mine until I reached the Paris Toulouse- Lautrec drawing exhibit. The art did a lot of sketches with charcoal and pencil. It took me a while to find what called my attention, but in the end I found “The Horse and the Collie”. It’s a simple drawing of a horse and a dog playing around, but the simplest things in life can mean a lot.

We had found our pieces and had fun too. Honestly, I enjoyed the video games more than the other exhibits. There were some parts where I questioned “this is art?” There is always the debated question about “what is art?” To me, it depends on the individual. We all have different perspectives of how we see things. That’s what makes art really interesting.

Photos: Rosa Elena Burgos and Arianna Olivo