SAG-AFTRA Mentoring Event

(Originally posted: April 7, 2015)

LINCOLN CENTER, NEW YORK, NY- Last Saturday, I attended a mentoring event at SAG-AFTRA on 1900 Broadway (also the location of ASCAP and Sesame Workshop). SAG-AFTRA is the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. It’s a union that negotiates contracts for broadcasters to work in safe environments and for them to get paid the right wages. They created this event for students and recent graduates who majored in broadcast, journalism, communication, English, history, or media studies to get mentored by television and radio personalities who work in the industry. The mentors include:

  • Larry Mullins (1010 WINS)

  • Dana Tyler (CBS)

  • Chris Cimino (NBC Universal)

  • Mac King (FOX)

  • Dave Carlin (CBS)

  • Amy Lawrence (CBS Sports Radio)

  • Christine Sloan (CBS)

  • Race Taylor (95.5 FM)

  • Wayne Cabot (WCBS 880)

  • Lori Madden (1010 WINS)

  • Dave Stewart (WCBS 880)

  • Jay Trelease (1010 WINS)

The program began with a panel in which Mullins, Tyler, Cimino, King, Carlin, and Lawrence each shared their personal experiences about working in broadcast and media. They offered advice on what it takes to work in the industry and answered all the questions during the Q&A.

After an hour lunch break, Taylor, Sloan, Cabot, Madden, Stewart, and Trelease took over the second panel and discussed the importance of resumes and demo reels. Everyone was then divided into groups to meet with one of the mentors and get advice on any reels the students/ graduates had. My group was assigned to CBS New Jersey reporter Christine Sloan. She was amazing at giving advice and critiquing the demo reels of those who presented. I gathered up courage and showed her the website I recently finished along with part of an interview I had done for the Bronx Journal TV. I will never forget the inspiring words she gave me on mastering my craft and becoming a better journalist. Sloan even gave me her contact information to stay in touch.

Me with Christine Sloan

Me with Christine Sloan

I got so much advice from those who work in the field. A normal 9-5 job is definitely not for me. These mentors have met all kinds of people and have seen incredible things; both good and bad. Not only do I want to become a great radio personality and writer, but I would like to mentor others in a few years to help guide them along their path in broadcasting.

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Photo: Rosa Elena Burgos

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