Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street

(Originally posted: December 21, 2014)

NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY OF PERFORMING ARTS, NEW YORK, NY- The New York Public Library of Performing Arts at Lincoln Center has a fun exhibit for children, and the child at heart. Somebody Come and Play is an exhibit celebrating Sesame Street’s success on television. The best part was enjoying it with my little cousin Liann, and my sister Alondra (who both wore my college hoodies).

It was no Sesame Place, but the exhibit had the toddler in me excited, and at the same time I felt old. I remember watching Sesame Street and seeing monsters like Razzel and the Yip- Yip aliens. I had to ask who Murray and Abby Kadabby were since they are part of the new generation. The exhibit answered those questions and kept me interested on the history of Sesame Street.  It started out as a research project to answer the question “can children learn basic skills watching television?” The project became a ground breaking educational television program that now everyone enjoys. There was nothing better for me as a kid than learning the alphabet and numbers with the characters on the show. Even my bilingual skills improved with Rosita and Maria.

Of course, the beloved muppets are part of the exhibit; Elmo, Cookie Monster, Super Grover, The Count, Zoey, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, and even Snuffleupagus ( I had to look up the spelling for this one).  The compositions for some of their songs are on display as well. C is for Cookie and Rubber Duckie were some of my favorites. Alondra loved seeing the lyrics to Elmo’s World. Elmo was her favorite and Liann’s too. We read through the Sesame Street theme song. Did anyone notice it doesn’t really answer the question of how to get to there?

Behind the scene photos tell the story of what goes on behind the cameras. It takes two people to make Snuffy move, and Big Bird is eight feet tall. Producing segments that both entertains and educates a child is a lot of hard work, but for 45 years Sesame Street has done an amazing job.

The exhibit also had an interactive wall where children could write on it. They even got to watch some Sesame Street videos and take photos with the Honkers. If your child feels brave enough to bother Oscar the Grouch, all he or she needs to do is push a button. Photography is allowed. I got Liann and Alondra their own Elmo’s. Just seeing how much fun they had was enough for me. I did get my mom a Cookie Monster plush so her inner child can smile. Somebody Come and Play is open until January 31st, 2015. Admission is free.

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Photos: Rosa Elena Burgos

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