Audio Engineer Society Convention 2015

(Originally posted: November 5, 2015)

JACOB JAVITZ CENTER, NEW YORK, NY- This past weekend was the audio geeks version of comic con, the AES (Audio Engineer Society) Convention. Although the convention was for four days, I went on a Friday. Not only did I get to experience AES for the first time, I got to go with my supervisor from work (Joselito), Gil, and my mentor Angela Piva.  I met many professionals in the audio field and learned about various equipment, software, and materials needed to create a better mix and studio.

My day began by taking the 7 train to the new 34th street- Hudson Yard station. It’s nice to see the money from the ridiculous fare hikes of the MTA go somewhere. The train station is two blocks away from the Javitz Center. At registration, I got my badge and met up with my supervisor. We explored around and got lots of information about various brands and their products. I fell in love with a Neuman condenser mic Adorama was selling.

About an hour into AES, my supervisor had to leave, so I met up with Gil. We got to test out more products from companies like Mojave, Avid, Yamaha, Neuman, Shure, Seinnheiser, Reverb, Focusrite, Audio Technica, Purple, Direct Sound, Roswell, Millennia, Gig Gear, and Hear. Gig Gear have these great gloves for protecting damage on your hands when handling equipment. I wanted a pair but my hands are tiny and not even the smallest size fit. I made a mental note on what to invest in. Many of the representatives scanned my badge for giveaways.

Gil and I got lunch at a nice diner. Our bags were heavy with the amount of free products and magazines given to us. After lunch we returned to AES to meet up with Angela. She introduced us to her husband and other audio engineers she had worked with. We spent time with her before Gil and I called it a day.

Although I was not able to sit in on any of the panels, I learned so much just through the exhibitors alone. I look forward to go to AES again in 2017. Now I am inspired to make a few adjustments and create cleaner recordings.

Note: Gig Gear now sells their gloves in size extra small. I have a pair in black. They are good for protecting your hands from carrying and handling heavy audio equipment. I highly recommend them.

Photos: Rosa Elena Burgos.

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