Chayanne Brings a Romantic Night to the Garden

(Originally posted: August 24, 2015)

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, NEW YORK, NY- Chayanne’s return to Madison Square Garden was a success. People filled up the Theater to the point where it was almost a sold out show. Getting into the theater was a hassle because Billy Joel had his sold out concert in the arena the same night. My mom, Helen (cousin), Gil, and I got to our seats thanks to the MSG staff. They were especially helpful with accommodating Mami due to her disabilities.

The lights dimmed and people screamed with excitement. Chayanne entered the stage from a rising platform performing Quiero Bailar Contigo. My ears were close to exploding with the screams from all his fans. Mami was really happy to finally see her favorite artist after so many years. My cousin and I sang along with her. This was the first time Gil and I experienced Chayanne in concert.

Chayanne had the entire audience wrapped around his fingers as he performed. Un Siglo Sin Ti, Humanos a Marte, Y Tu Te Vas, Completamente Enamorado, Ay Mama, Lola, Tu Boca, Dejaria Todo, Madre Tierra, Tu Respiracion, Salome, Torero, Baila Baila, Fiesta En America, Bailando Dos Corazones, and a few other of his popular songs. Women swooned for him.

Chayanne was his humble self throughout the concert. A fan placed her cell phone on the stage and he took a selfie with it. Another fan gave him a giant stuffed teddy bear and he hugged it while performing. He was a gentleman. Chayanne introduced his musicians and dancers. He also thanked the AV crew for all their help during the tour. He is still an amazing dancer and thanks to Mami I grew up listening to his music. You can say she trained me to become a fan. He ended the concert with Provocame. 

I am so glad Mami had fun seeing Chayanne. She had been waiting to see him for years. He danced, jumped, made ladies scream, humbled his fans, and gave his heart to every song. My only complaint is that the concert felt too short. He had so many other songs he could have performed and after Provocame, the concert felt incomplete. There were confused looks from the crowd. Otherwise, it was a great show.

Photos by: Rosa Elena Burgos.

Video by: Rosa Elena Burgos.

Last updated: July 17, 2019