MTA Not Worth the $2.75

(Originally posted: June 24, 2015)

BRONX, NY- Every New Yorker goes through this; you are on the train trying to get to your destination on time when you hear the dispatcher through the speakers “the train is delayed due to train traffic ahead of us. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” If it’s not a delay due to traffic it’s a signal problem, sick passenger, fire, or my all time favorite a “planned” reroute where the train decides to skip your stop.

The $2.75 the MTA (or as I like to call them the Money Taking Assholes) are charging is disgusting. They take advantage of the fact that people rely on this service for transportation. If the money was actually going towards improvements, then this blog post would not be necessary. The fare hike has done the complete opposite. I see more trash on the tracks, rats the size of kittens, overcrowded subways cars, and various incidents where commuters get injured.

Many petitions and rallies have been done to lower the fare hikes, yet we are being ignored. The New York Times shows a timeline of how the fare hikes have increased. The MTA charged $2 from 2003- 2009. Since then, every two to three years the fare has increased 25 cents. This does not include how much the unlimited weekly and monthly cards have gone up. $116 for a 30 day Metrocard is pretty much another bill.There is also a plan that if the City of New York does not give the MTA the proper budget, we will have to pay for their gap with a fare hike of up to $3.15. Guess who will be riding her bike to work when this happens?

Note:To see the New York Times fare hike timeline click on this link:

So now I ask you my fellow readers, what can we do about this? We could jump the turnstiles as a protest, but that will lead to a conflict with the NYPD. We need to take action against the MTA. We cannot afford another fare hike for the same terrible service. I had enough after the delays cost me to get to work late this morning. The least they can do is lower the fare back down to $1. Why should we have to pay more for a service that has not improved?

Note: MTA keeps raising the fares and although some improvements have been made a different stations, the service still sucks.

Last updated: July 17, 2019