A Little Reminder

(Originally posted: April 2, 2016)

BRONX, NY- One of my New Year resolutions was to improve my self confidence. With all the minor tragedies, stress, and changes I had to endure the past few years, I felt like my self esteem had taken a toll. I keep questioning my DJ skills, social life, and my purpose in this world. I did a “self portrait” project and wrote words on post it notes as a drawing exercise to figure things out.

That did not work out too well, but I am sure I will find another purpose for it in the future. While scrolling through my Twitter news feed I noticed one of my followers post a picture of a bracelet with the word “passion” engraved on it. She used the hashtag #MyIntent. Curious, I looked it up.

MyIntent is a project created by Chris Pan. It is meant to be a conversational project where someone chooses a word that represents a goal, accomplishment, or meaning. Pieces of jewelry are made for people to wear their word as a reminder. Celebrities like Jay-Z, Justin Beiber, and Kanye West have gotten bracelets made by MyIntent. The project is meant to start a conversation. It’s not made to be just another accessory. MyIntent bracelets and chains have a deeper meaning to the people who wear them.

I decided to get one not only because of the simplicity of the bracelets, but to give myself a daily push when things get tough. I chose to make my word a goal. Choosing my word was the difficult part. I know I wanted it to be about “self”, but what else can I add to that and why? Here is where my art journal came in handy:

Art journal

Art journal

After playing around with a few words and questioning “why” for each, I came up with SELF DISCOVERY. Self Discovery for me means finding myself again. I want to figure out my purpose in life and how to make a difference with the creative skills I have. I could have used CREATE, but SELF DISCOVERY felt right to me. After ordering it from the website, my bracelet came in a few days later.


I am happy with my bracelet and use it as a personal note to myself and how “self discovery” is a work in progress. It might take me a while to figure things out and changes will be made along the way (both positive and negative). For now I will take things one day at a time.

You can learn more about MyIntent by clicking on this link: http://www.myintent.org/pages/mission

Photos by: Rosa Elena Burgos.

Last Updated: July 23, 2019