Aventura Reunites at the United Palace

(Originally posted: February 15, 2016)

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NEW YORK, NY- My best friend Angelica and I have been fans of the bachata band Aventura since childhood. It had been our dream to see them in concert together after we chased them around the court house at 161st one hot summer day. That year (2007) the K.O.B. tour was sold out and two years later on their last tour we ended up going on separate days to what we though would be Aventura’s final performances together. Who would have thought nine years later our wish would come true? To make that wish better we got to share that experience with another close friend of ours, Andrea.

Aventura reunited in the United Palace located in Washington Heights. It’s a beautiful music venue with an antique, Victorian interior design. Since it was my first time at this venue I honestly felt as if I walked into a palace. Angie did a great job getting us seats for the concert. Pastellitos and drinks were being sold while a DJ from La Mega entertained the audience. After about a 20 minute wait, Alex Matos came out as the opening act.

Alex Matos is a Dominican salsa musician. He performed a few songs including Una Noche No Es Bastante and Se Va Bailando. The lighting was too strong during his set. I thought I would need sunglasses to see the rest of the show. Matos set lasted half an hour before he left. The audience waited for Aventura.

Aventura came out in with a dope introduction where a video played their whole career in a few seconds. Memories of how far the band has come and the fans that have stayed loyal to them. The concert opened up with El Desprecio and heated up from there. Romeo, Henry, Max, and Lenny were together again and life felt great.

Aventura performed so many of their great hits; Por Un Segundo, Los Infieles, Su VenenoHermanita, La Tormenta, La Boda, Angelito, and Yo Quisiera Amarla with Romeo playing the guitar. Romeo and Henry kept their fans involved in every moment inviting them to sing and dance along. Max and Lenny played to their hearts desire each chord and melody on their guitars. Their energy filled the whole venue and the feedback from the fans was amazing.

Henry got to have his solo moment while Romeo changed outfits. There was a sense of family as the two primos performed 9:15 together. The four musicians took a moment to bring romance to the show in honor of Valentine’s Day by arranging R&B versions of Tu JuegitoOur Song, La Tormenta, and Llorar. Romeo made one lucky fan happy by giving her a kiss before performing Un Beso. Aventura represented every Latin American country, including their native Dominican Republic before Romeo and Henry went at it again with their jokes and playful energy.



Aventura broke out more hits such as Ensename a Olivdar, Mi Corazoncito, Noche de Sexo, Mi Nina Cambio, El Perdedor, and El Malo. They did a special dedication to their fans by serenading old classics Alexandra, No Lo Perdona Dios, Amor de Madre, and Amor Bonito.

Aventura thanked their fans for the support they have continued to give even after their separation. They all took a bow and walked off the stage. The audience asked for one more song chanting their names. The guys were not going to let them down. They officially closed the concert performing the hit that made them big Obsesion. As Andrea, Angie, and I exited the United Palace to head home a sense of nostalgia came over me. This might not be Aventura’s last show together, but it will be a long time before another reunion happens. They made my teenage years entertaining and since day one I been their fan. Aventura changed things in the Latin Music industry and with their reunion they still proved they are K.O.B. (Kings of Bachata). Thanks for a great night guys!

Photos: Rosa Elena Burgos and Angelica Lopez.

Last Updated: July 31, 2019