Lindsey Stirling: The Only Pirate at the Party

(Originally posted: January 14, 2016)

UNION SQUARE, NEW YORK, NY- YouTube star and musician Lindsey Stirling graced New Yorkers with her presence last night at her book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square. She walked in full of energy and enthusiasm with her violin in hand and took a seat on a high stool. She welcomed everyone at the event and then performed three of her compositions; Crystallize, Take Flight, and Shatter Me. The crowd erupted with applause.

Stirling released her memoir The Only Pirate At The Party. Her coauthor, Brooke S. Passey joined her for a Q&A session with fans, along with Stirling’s newly adopted puppy, Luna. Lindsey was asked about her music, Luna, and the process behind writing her memoir with Brooke. An eight year old girl bravely stood up and surprised everyone with her question to Lindsey; “what has been your positive contribution to society?” Lindsey admitted she believes she has not done that yet, but will soon start a charity to help those with mental illnesses and eating disorders like anorexia.

After the Q&A, the Barnes and Noble staff transformed the stage to a signing table. My wait time was about an hour so I did what anyone else would do in a bookstore; read a book. I did not tackle Stirling’s memoir right away. The book nerd in me has to finish other books on her list before getting to this one (for those of you wondering what book I read during the wait, it’s Do Unto Animals by Tracey Stewart).

I looked up from my reading at times to see children get their instruments signed by Lindsey Stirling. Most of them were little girls and had brought their violins. This made me smile. Lindsey has indeed made a positive contribution to society. She inspires many kids to take up music, and that alone is a big impact.

By the time I had finished Do Unto Animals and was halfway through a short memoir, my row was called up to head to the signing table. I had my two books ready (one copy for me and another for Gil). Lindsey and Brooke were really sweet. They both personalized the books on the front cover and I got to take a photo with them. Lindsey complimented my black and white stripped fuzzy leg warmers. I thanked them, packed the books into the shopping bag, and went out into the brisk night for my journey back home.

Me meeting Lindsey and Brooke

Me meeting Lindsey and Brooke

It’s great to have the opportunity to meet a talented musician, especially one who did not gain fame from mainstream radio. I am excited to read Lindsey’s memoir and see where her journey has taken her. Meeting Brooke was also a plus and I will look into more of her creative writing. As for me, this is the first event that will go into my positivity jar.

Photos and videos: Rosa Elena Burgos.

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