Your Vote Counts

(Originally posted: April 18. 2016)



BRONX, NY- Politics is a subject I try to avoid at all costs. The word “corruption” always comes to mind when the media boasts about what a great government the United States has. This is not about my views on the government as a whole. This is about the primaries coming up on April 19th here in New York City.

Take a good look at the candidates for both the democratic and republican parties. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders have all stated their sides on immigration, abortion, climate change, terrorism, the economy, women, the middle class, the crisis in Puerto Rico, and college education. Debates and rallies determine who the people vote for. This election is important because of the controversial “game” these politicians (yes, Trump is a politician now whether he admits it or not) have played.

My vote is going to Bernie Sanders. There, I said it (#FeelTheBern). You are all entitled to your own opinion and who your votes go to, but I am sharing mine for a valid reason. Hilary Clinton and Ted Cruz go on the back burner for this post. My main concern in Mr. Donald Trump. Trump wants to build a wall to keep immigrants out. He wants to deport immigrants on a massive level that the economy cannot afford, and his comments about Muslims and women is disgusting.

I have many friends who are of other Latin American countries and friends who are Muslim. None of them are terrorists, rapists, or murderers. All are here to live a better life. Trump is categorizing them based on the few horrible individuals who committed these acts. This is a tactic Hitler used to rally the people against each other, and if indeed Trump is becoming the new Adolf Hitler then poor Anne Frank is rolling around miserably in her grave. Trump’s political views will not make America great again. It will divide the country. Just think about the damage he has already done with his speeches alone. Violence is applauded in his rallies. Is this really the man we want for president?

On Tuesday, please go out and vote. Let your voice be heard in this primary election and the general election. I did not vote in other Presidential elections after I turned 18. This one is important and your choice matters. I will let my voice be heard.


Last Updated: July 23, 2019