Black Comic Book Festival 2018

SCHOMBURG CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN BLACK CULTURE, NEW YORK, NY-  A long line wrapped around the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture as people waited in anticipation to be part of the sixth annual Black Comic Book Festival. Cosplayers braved the brisk wind with hot cocoa as staff checked in tickets. 

After check in, the festival provided two floors of entertainment. On the main floor were the panels, vendors, and contests. Cosplayers represented their favorite heroes like Storm, Ghostrider, Wonder Woman, Falcon, and even "Deadass" Spiderman. The second floor was where independent comic book vendors provided plots and more information about their projects like La Borinqueña, created by Edgardo Miranda- Rodriguez and Tuskegee Heirs by Marcus Williams. Illustrators such as Derwin Roberson sold stunning posters portraying scenes from Street Fighter and Sailor Moon. 

Of course Marvel and DC were not left out of this festival. Luke Cage, Cyborg, Green Lantern, and X-Men sold various copies. The king of the festival was Black Panther, whose film will be released by Marvel on February 16th. Wakanda gear was in full effect, proving that representation matters in all forms of media. 

The Black Comic Book Festival was a huge success. It was an inspiration for kids and magical for adults. People of color need to be represented, especially with the current administration whose constant bigotry pushes us down. We can all be heroes to each other. 


Art: Marcus Williams, Derwin Roberson, and Edgardo Miranda- Rodriguez.

Photos: Rosa Elena Burgos.

Marcus Williams: 

Derwin Roberson:

Edgardo Miranda- Rodriguez:

Last Updated: July 26, 2019