Latin Anti- Valentine's Playlist

BRONX, NY- So here is a confession for you all... I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. No, my heart was not broken that day. I just don't see the point of having only one day of the year to tell someone "I love you" when that should be done year round. It's also a money spender (unless your birthday is on Valentine's day, in which case you can have people spoil you all you want). During my commute this morning, I noticed my fellow New Yorkers with bouquets of flowers, giant teddy bears, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. Beats earbuds in place, I swiped through Poweramp on my media player and played a few anti- love songs just for fun. Who says you have to listen through a playlist of love songs on Valentine's Day? So if you are like me and don't celebrate cupid, or just want a different twist on this love day, here is my anti- Valentine's Latin music playlist: 

1. Cancioncitas de Amor- Romeo Santos

The king of Bachata slams love songs in this anti- Valentine's day classic. From cursing out cupid to asking for a DJ to be fired for even playing a romantic ballad, this will get your hips swaying easily to make the day go faster. Let's not forget how Romeo goes in on his vocals during the bridge. If cupid has done you wrong, this is the track for you. 

2. Si Una Vez- Selena

The queen of tejano music. You can never go wrong with Selena, whose music covers love and heartbreak. Si Una Vez is that song you need when an ex returns after you bared your soul to them and was thrown away like trash. Toma! 

3. Corazon En La Maleta- Luis Fonsi

Luis Fonsi has crossed over to mainstream media thanks to the hit Despacito. If you haven't heard his music before the breakout track, I suggest you get to it. Fonsi is well known for his Latin pop ballads on love, break ups, and everything in between. Corazon En La Maleta had him packing his bags to run away from a toxic relationship. Ay!

4. Como Se Lo Explico Al Corazon- Victor Manuelle

Salsero Victor Manuelle hits every angle when it comes to the heart. In this salsa classic, he has to explain to his broken heart about a breakup, coming up with various excuses to end up admitting the truth. 

5. Down- Rakim y Ken-Y

Who didn't have this song on their playlist back in 2006? The bilingual hit from former reggaeton duo Rakim y Ken-Y broke records in various Latin and mainstream charts. Their reggaeton ballad fusions earned them the name El Duo Romantico, making Down an instant classic. 

6. El Perdedor- Aventura

Gone are the days when Romeo, Henry, Max, and Lenny were Aventura, yet their music will forever remain legend in Latin music. El Perdedor is a tragic love story of a man who knows he messed up with the woman of his life and has to suffer seeing her happy with someone else.

7. La Camisa Negra- Juanes

Want a Latin Rock song that says "screw you" to love? Juanes is your guy. He holds a petty "funeral" for his breakup with a manipulative woman, leaving his soul in a dark place. Although I am making the song seem morbid, the guitar riffs give it an upbeat tone. 

8. Lo Que Paso, Paso- Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee is not going pacito a pacito with this reggaeton classic. When you have someone playing with your heart, the best you can do is say "it was fun, but bye." 

9. Deja Vu- Prince Royce ft. Shakira

Ever been in a relationship where you know it's a bad idea to get back together with someone even though there is still love in your hearts? Shakira and Prince Royce have both been there and done that in Deja Vu. Better to be alone than in a bad relationship. 

10. Me Voy- Hector Acosta "El Torito"

Sticking with the bachata genre, Hector Acosta "El Torito" is another artist known for his ballads. Me Voy became an instant hit on the radio when it was released and became everyone's break up song. 

11. Me Soltaste- Jesse y Joy

If you want to go more emotional with sound and vocals, then listen to Jesse y Joy. This brother and sister due only use limited instruments to quickly shatter your soul in Me Soltaste, their most recent ballad. 

12. Por Amar A Ciegas- Arcangel

What happens when love leads you to a death sentence? Arcangel tells how he ended up in this tragic situation by falling for the wrong woman. The strings add an amazing element to this song, giving it a more darker tone. 

13. Quedate Con Ella- Natalia Jimenez

Natalia Jimenez tells her ex lover enough is enough, go with the other woman. She finds her freedom in kicking her lover out of her house even though she is heart broken. You go girl! 

14. Se Fue- Laura Pausini ft. Marc Anthony

This is one of my favorite collaborations from Laura Pausini. She remixed her own song with salsa legend Marc Anthony. Both are regretting the loss of a love who walked out on them. 

15. El Perdedor- Enrique iglesias ft Marco Antonio Solis

Enrique Iglesias has nothing left but his soul on this collaboration with Marco Antonio Solis. This song was used as a theme for a telenovela and there is even a bachata version of it. 

These are just a few of my favorites to get you started. Whether you celebrate this day full of flowers and chocolates or it's a regular hump day for you, I hope you enjoyed it. Happy listening! 


1. RomeoSantosVEVO

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5. PrinceRoyceVEVO


7. Aventura

8. JuanesVEVO

9. Yeyo dnr

10. JesseyJoyOficial

11. HectorAcostaVEVO

12. NataliaJimenezVEVO

13. Warner Music Italy

14. EnriqueIglesiasVEVO

Last Updated: July 26, 2019