Bloggers Unite in the Bronx

BRONX MUSEUM OF THE ARTS, BRONX, NY- Bloggers came together under one gorgeous roof this past weekend, as the Bronx Museum of the Arts proudly lent its space for the first ever Bronx Blogger Social. Curated by the Blogger from the Bronx herself, Deyla Sabio, residents collaborated together to not only promote their talents, but to join forces in inspiring their communities. 


Various introductions were made as project ideas were shared, business cards swapped, and advice given. Not only were bloggers present, but also photographers, performers, entrepreneurs, and video producers. The environment was filled with creativity and motivation. Henry Obispo, creator of BORNJuice, kept everyone refreshed with his healthy juice mixes. Instagram tags were posted on a colorful board to keep the connections going. 


Both Sabio and Obispo said motivational words as a thank you for making the event a success. The amount of changes coming to the borough is something to be excited about. Gentrification has been pushing out of low- income communities, and public resources are becoming more difficult to access. These upcoming projects are providing a positive platform for residents to fight back. Obispo will open a juice bar that runs on hydroponic technology. Noelle Santos plans to open the LitBar this spring, a bookstore with a wine bar. The LitBar would be the only bookstore in the Bronx since Barnes and Noble closed its doors at Bay Plaza in 2016. On May 5th, the Bronx Library Center will host a book fair curated by the Bronx Is Reading. 

Henry Obispo from BORNJuice

Henry Obispo from BORNJuice

With Deyla Sabio and my best friend Steph. You can tell I am terrible at selfies.

With Deyla Sabio and my best friend Steph. You can tell I am terrible at selfies.

To see so many people unite at this event was special. Not only did I make new connections and shared what I love to do, but my mind opened up to more collaborative possibilities of making an impact in my community. It's true that the Bronx is changing, but now all of us will make sure that change turns in a direction that will provide both inspiration and resources for future generations to come. 

Photos: Rosa Elena Burgos and Stephanie Serrano.

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Last Updated: July 27, 2019